Scrappy Painters
Celebrate Solheim Cup


Our Scrap4Art Scrappy Painters Summer Camp paintings were on display at Sylvania's First Friday Art Walk earlier this month. All artwork in the store and gallery displays along Main Street was displayed in celebration of the Solheim Cup happening in Toledo by featuring a commonality of the colors Red, White, and Blue. We may be biased, but our students' work was truly striking and we couldn't be more proud of their efforts and talent. Our Scrappy Painter artists' work was displayed at Bowinkles, Revé and Main Street Salon and Spa along Main Street in downtown Sylvania.


A BIG thank you to all our Scrappy Campers this summer! Everyone had a lot of fun being creative and getting messy. 

Hope to see you all next summer!


Scrappy Magical Art

June 14-18

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces 

The whole week campers will create all sorts of

magical art projects using unique materials, including:

• Fairy Gardens • Dragons • Shields and Banners

• Wizarding School Wands and Books • Unicorns

Scrappy Crafters

June 21-25

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces

Learn all types of art projects that you can do using materials found around your house! Create beautiful gifts

and pieces of art for your room.

• Book making • Card making • Pom-pom garlands

• Woven Wall hangings • Macrame

Scrappy Gamers

June 28-July 2

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces

Unplug and find ways to incorporate your favorite games

into fun projects IRL (In Real Life). 

• Pixel Art • Video Games IRL (In Real Life)

• Optical Illusions • Glow in the Dark Paint

• Create your own Board Game

Scrappy Sculptors

July 12-16

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces

Learn how sculptors have used found materials

to create works of art and be inspired to create your own!

• Garden sculptures • Paper Sculptures

• Woodwork • Windchimes • Wireworks

Messy Scrappers

July 19-23

10am-Noon/PreK & up/$100/12 spaces

Get ready to get messy with the whole family!

This camp is open for all school ages (including PreK).

We will find fun ways to play and create works of art 

using all types of materials.

• Bubble paint and Foam paint • Splat paint

• Mural painting • Slime and Gack

< Glow in the Dark Paint

Scrappy Painters

July 26-30

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces

Learn how to make and use your own paints and canvases, create works of art on different surfaces and

paint like the masters. 

• Watercolor • Painting on different surfaces 

• En Plein Air • Self portraits • Still Life

Scrappy Scholars

August 2-6

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces

Heading back to school? Create fun projects for the school year that will get you ready and inspired for learning!

• Bookmarks • Personalized Notepad and Pencil Holders

• Tote Bags • Art Smocks/Aprons • School Tool Box



See You
Next Year!

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