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Scrap4Art's Craft Table at
Believe In Girls Expo
Was a Huge Success!


See You
Next Summer!
Thanks for all the fun this year!


Once again Scrap4Art is thrilled to have Sarah Ritchey leading our Summer Art Camps. Sarah has a Masters in Art Education and has taught at the Toledo Museum of Art. The weekly themed camps will inspire young artists, ages 6 to 10, to use recycled materials to create their masterpieces as well as teach them the elements of art such as line, color, texture, form, shape, space and value.


An added feature this year are Friday drop-ins. These “camps” are for children of any age, accompanied by an adult. Materials and ideas will be provided and the mess

stays at Scrap 4Art.

Scrappy Foundations I

June 6,7,8

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces 

School is out and art is in! This creative camp gives students a chance to explore a wide range of media and utilizing repurposed materials. Students will paint, draw and learn the elements of art such as line, color, texture, form, shape, space and value using recylables to create works of art to take home.

Galactic Scrappers

June 13,14,15

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces

These are the crafts you’re looking for... There’s nothing more fun than transforming a boring old washcloth into a cuddly wampa or a piece of felt into a whimsical Yoda puppet. While this class will not show you how to build a working protocol droid, you will learn how to make Star Wars art, puppets, jewelry and more with discarded materials and even items found in the recyling bin. 

Scrappy Painters

June 20,21,22

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces

Art is more exciting when you paint outside the lines!

This camp is designed to teach inspired artists about color, design and composition using repurposed materials to create vibrant works of art. Students will use tempera, acrylic, and watercolor paints to create their own take home masterpieces.

Magical Scrappers

June 27,28,29

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces

Designed for our Harry Potter fans! Create your own Harry Potter house shield, your very own wand and more! Inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies, this art camp will teach students how to make magical projects in a fun atmosphere utilizing various recyclable materials.


JUNE FRIDAYS - Scrappy Play Studio

June 10,17,24

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces 

Classes are geared towards the child & child-at-heart who love to make art together. This FRIDAY drop in studio is designed for parent/grandparent/guardian & child to create and work with a variety of materials without having to clean up the mess on your dining room table. Our Studio will provide a variety of art materials that include painting, sculpture and mixed media so you and your child can play creatively and create a great work of art to take home. 

Scrappy Sculptors

July 11,12,13

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces

Students will explore their creativity and learn various building methods to create unique sculptures. We will learn about sculptors like Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson, and others! Through experimenting with different materials and mediums and using our imagination the possibilities are endless! 

Minecrafting Scrappers

July 18,19,20

10am-Noon/Grades 1-6/$100/12 spaces

Calling all Minecraft gamers! This out-of-the-game art class will enhace your minecrafters experience creating real life catapults, minecraft style works of art, pixel art, mini bow and arrows, and cork sailboats utilizing repurposed and recylced materials. 

Scrappy Art Foundations II

July 25,26,27

10am-Noon/Ages 6-10/$100/8 spaces

Summer is nearing the end! Don’t miss out on this creative camp that explores art and creates works using recyled and repurposed materials. Students will learn 

the elements of art such as line, color, texture, form, shape, space and value with a variety of materials to create works of art to display at home. 

See You In 2023!



1 - Complete the registration form below.
2 - At the end of the form, click on the link that will take you to our online shop where you will be able to purchase your camp(s).

Summer Camp Registration Form

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See You In 2023!

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