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Artwork with a (re)purpose.

Transforming scrap into art


Tru Earth® is an award-winning company based in Vancouver, Canada that sells eco-friendly household products. They are committed to eliminating the 645 billion plastic household product containers dumped in landfills and oceans globally each year. Inaddition, they promise to match all subscription purchases by donating to families in need across the globe. Since March 2020, the Tru Earth team has donated 25,000,000 eco-strips and have reached more than 880+organizations in need across North America, South America, Africa, and the United Kingdom. Tru Earth’s suite of products includes laundry, bathroom, and kitchen products. Each laundry strip packs ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of liquidless laundry detergent that you just toss in the wash. Its low-sudsing formula works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE).


Scrap4Art and Tru Earth share the same mission and by purchasing a Tru Earth product you can also help Scrap4Art. We will receive 20% of every sale. Please try their product(s) by clicking on this link. You will love the products, contribute to families in need, help our earth and Scrap4Art all with one click!

Scrap4Art offers special pricing for teachers the first Saturday of every month where teachers can fill a bag for FREE with posted items. Just bring your teacher ID.

Available Saturday, December 2nd!

Adorable little activities

made from repurposed materials. 

We LOVE donations that are
Funky or

that can be turned into art or craft projects

Image by Laura Ockel

Check out the list of items
we are looking for

Store Dates & Hours

Saturday, Nov. 4       9:30-4:30
Saturday, Nov. 11
Tuesday, Nov. 14         3:30-6:30
Saturday, Nov. 18
Saturday, Nov. 25
Tuesday, Nov. 28

Scrap4Art is a fun venue for your parties. We provide creative activities and

all materials your group will need.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos


Online Shopping

For In-Store Pick-Up or Curbside Pick-Up Only

Now Open!

Order select items online and pick up at the store on days that we're open.
Curbside pick-up is also available.

Thank you to

all our supporters!


Your donation supports

the arts and the environment! For 10 years Scrap4Art has provided recycled supplies to NW Ohio—teachers, scout leaders, artists, everyday crafters and other

non-profits—and kept tons of material out of landfills.  

Click on the link below to donate.  



Rough Draft Diaries - Scrap4Art

Listen to Scrap4Art's Board President, Barb Mauntler talk about the organization's mission and learn more about what the store has to offer!

Click here to access WGTE's Rough Draft Diaries with Haley Taylor on Scrap4Art.

National Endowment for the Arts
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